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What does the Fit Video feature do?

☕️ TL;DR – Fit Video allows you to fit your entire video frame within the Crop Box.

In this article you will learn about:

  1. Why and when you would use Fit Video
  2. How to use Fit Video

Heads Up: Fit Video will add Black Bars  to your video. You must select an Aspect Ratio  different from the source to use Fit Video.

1. Why and when you would use Fit Video 

Fit Video  is useful in the case you don’t want to crop certain clips but still want to remain in the chosen Aspect Ratio. An example could be working on a video with a heavy text treatment, where cropping may cut off the words.

You can also use Fit Video with Captions   by placing them beneath the video for that extra clarity.

 2. How to use Fit Video

1.From your Clip Settings under the Clip Options tab, make sure Remove Black Bars is off and simply toggle the Fit Video switch to activate it.

2. You can either choose to have a Background Blur  where you control the Blur amount using the slider or set a custom background color  , using the color picker (default is set to black). You cannot choose a background colour if Blur is enabled.

3. You can adjust the scale of video inside the Crop box by using the Zoom slider and change its position using your cursor on the Preview screen.

Pro tip: Once you have your desired Clip reframed, simply click the three dots in the top right corner of the next clip and select “Match to last Clip Crop” to copy over the position/scale of the previous Clip.

Head over to the Clip Settings  article to learn more about your options.

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