Choosing and Organizing your Footage Library and Media Projects

How do I create a new Project in Kamua?

☕️ TL;DR – You can create a new Project in Kamua by importing Media via an external Link, your Library or locally from your computer.

⚠️Warning: Please make sure that you have the rights to edit or repurpose the Media you import, or that you are using the video under Fair Use. 

Every new Project will automatically be saved in your Studio. You can access them anytime by selecting My Projects.

In this article you will learn how to:

  1. Create a new Project
  2. Add Media via an external Link from a hosting source
  3. Add Media via your Library
  4. Add Media via your local computer drive

1. Create a new Project

At any time in Kamua, you can click the New Project button to start another Project. Be sure to rename your current project to something more suitable, by changing the “Untitled” text.

2. Add Media via external Link from a hosting source

Kamua allows up 10 links to be processed in the queue. Copy the Media Link from your external host (YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive etc). In Kamua, select Add Media Link from the Media panel. The Link Media From Hosting pop-up window will appear and you can paste in there. Your Link will generate a blue tick indicating Kamua will be able to process it. When you are ready, select Add videos.

You can also trim and select the section you want from the video you import, so only the selected portion is processed & counted against your quota. Simply click the scissor icon that appears next to your pasted link to open the Trimming modal. You can now drag the start and endpoints on the Timeline or use the controls on the Playhead to set an In and Out point. However, please note the whole file still needs to upload for us to import just the selected portion of the video. 

Heads up: Getting a red tick on your links is an indication you may not have permission to use that source Media outside where it was uploaded. Kamua will not be able to process it as a Link.

3. Add Media via your Library

In Kamua, from the Media panel on the left, click Select from Library to open your Kamua Library and simply click on one or more Media sources to select them. The selected Media will be highlighted with a blue tick and border (click on it again to deselect it). Once selected click Add Media to Project.
You can also choose Media by searching the title in the search bar.

Pro tip: Once you select a Media source, hold down Shift on your keyboard to select multiple sources by hovering over the ones you want to include.

Note: You can also access your Library at the top bar by clicking My Library  

4. Add Media via your local computer drive

 From the Media panel on the left, select Upload Local Files and agree to the terms pop-up window. Locate the Media files your files and upload them to Kamua.


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