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Tools to Repurpose Video Fast

Kamua boasts an arsenal of game-changing online tools for automated video editing, built to save creators time and money.

☕️ TL;DR: we have lots of awesome tools and you should be A/B testing your social cut-downs. If you already knew that, skip to the list of tools. Or, read on. 🤩

Let’s face it, video is through the roof. Brands are in a relentless battle to get thumbs to stop and eyeballs to engage. With that comes the challenge of keeping up with the competition, and finding alternatives to Adobe and other established video apps, whose workflows aren’t really designed for repurposing, remixing, and resizing videos. One way to keep the content flowing is to repurpose existing content that you already uploaded to YouTube, and create cut-downs (shorter versions) to fit today’s mobile vertical formats.

If you’re not A/B Testing Video, you’re missing out

At Kamua we want to equip content creators, brands, and marketers with the latest in AI-powered video tools, that will reduce costs and create efficient workflows to handle the high volume of videos required to not only stay ahead of the game, but to A/B test multiple versions of social cut-downs to see which ones work the best on which platforms. Our base tier is free (watermarks) and our intro package is $1.99/mo for 10 watermark removals each month.

Our promise: No heavy software. No powerful computers required. No prior mastery. Kamua is all about Friendly AI automation tools to help you do tedious, difficult and time-consuming edits up to 10x faster than with other editing apps, and to get more out of your existing content.

Below, we break down all the tools you need to change your game!
AutoCut detects the cut points in videos and automatically splits the video at each cut point, saving you valuable time. The resulting “pieces” of the video are called Shots and can be split further or merged according to what you need.

👉 Find out more about AutoCut
If your video contains action sequences, people or objects that are not in the center of the video and you need to crop the video for a mobile format, you can use AutoCrop to crop the entire video or just the Clips that have movement.

👉 Find out more about AutoCrop
When resizing a video to a new Aspect Ratio using AutoCrop, CustomTrack allows you to select and track specific objects, to keep them in the frame.

👉 Find out more about Custom Track
Motion KeyFraming allows you to set the position and size of the Crop Box at specific points in your video, giving you full creative control. This enables you to create panning and/or zooming effects with precision and accuracy.

👉 Find out more about Keyframing
A Social Media Skin is a way to pre-visualise what your videos will look like on mobile social platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, Triller, Snapchat and Pinterest.

👉 Find out more about Social Media Skins
 If your video contains people speaking, you can display the dialogue on the screen by activating Kamua’s Automatic Captions feature and you can manually edit or create a Transcript.

👉 Find out more about Automated Captions
In Kamua, you can very easily remove black Bars from a video, for any Aspect Ratio. You can remove them from the entire video, or from individual Clips.

👉 Find out more about Removing Black Bars
Manually Cropping your video in Kamua is as easy as choosing an Aspect Ratio and moving/resizing the Crop Box anywhere on the screen. You can also fit the entire video into the Crop Box and use the Zoon Slider to adjust the video size.

👉 Find out more about manually Resizing and Cropping
Overlays are layers that you can place on top of your videos that contain logos, watermarks, photos, shapes, emojis and more.

👉 Find out more about Overlays
Our AI Builder allows users to quickly set the parameters (like Duration, Aspect Ratio, Scene Shuffle etc) for their desired output and Kamua does the rest. This is a great tool for rapid prototyping or Idea generation.
Set your desired file size and TinyVid will make it happen. TinyVideo is built to solve a very modern headache: getting a video to fit a file size limitation.

👉 Find out more about TinyVid

Hey, why not try it out for yourself—just sign up for free on our Home Page. Get ready to have your mind blown by how much time these powerful tools will save you!

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