YouTube plans to roll out a $100M fund this year to reward content creators for their viral #Shorts. Are you missing out?

With TikTok’s surging growth and popularity as the go-to place for creating viral content, it’s no surprise YouTube is willing to put some skin in the game to get eyeballs on #Shorts. According to YouTube, anyone is eligible to participate in the fund and that also includes creators who are not on their partner program.

Show me the money!

One of the biggest incentives for creators on YouTube is the potential of getting paid for their content. To many, YouTube is their main source of income and currently, there is no monetization model for Shorts but YouTube’s $100M fund looks like the first step in that direction.

Over the course of 2021-2022, YouTube plans to reach out each month to thousands of content creators with high engagement on their Shorts and reward them for their creativity. It’s too early to predict what will go viral on YouTube Shorts but we believe creating content consistently will definitely increase your chances.

TikTok super star Topper Guild, known for his viral prank videos, saw his YouTube channel grow by over 2 million subscribers in a couple of months from uploading Shorts consistently. Yes, he did have an audience prior but there is no denying that Shorts are a great growth hack. So whether it’s increasing engagement or virality, it’s all a numbers game and there might be a chance you already have that content on your YouTube channel. Imagine that!

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