Choosing and Organizing your Footage Library and Media Projects

How do I use the Media Library?

☕️ TL;DR – You Library contains all the Media you have uploaded to Kamua. You can view, create Projects & arrange your Media in folders.

You Library contains all the Media you have uploaded to Kamua. You can use it to add Media to your current Project or to create a new one.

In this article you will learn how to:

  1. View your Library
    1. Layout
    2. Filter Media List
    3. Category 
  2. Add Media to your Project
  3. Create Folders
  4. Media Option

1. View your Library

  1. You can re-arrange how Media looks in your Library by selecting either the List view or
    Grid view  
  2. The Filter Media List option allows you to choose what Media is displayed and hidden.
Filter your search through:
  • Type
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Size
  • Duration
  • Resolution
  • Calendar

3. To select by Category, navigate to the drop-down menu and sort by; name, size, created, last updated and resolution. The arrows help you order your Media (first to last added, large or small file size, high or low resolution etc).

2. Add Media to your Project
In your Library, simply click on one or more media sources to select them. The selected Media will be highlighted with a blue check and border (click on it again to deselect it).

A footer will appear on your screen giving you the option to;
> Create a new project with your chosen source
> Move selected items (to another folder)
> Clear selection (deselect highlighted sources)
> Delete Media (this will permanently delete that source)

You can also search and choose Media by searching the title in the search bar.

3. Create Folders
You can organise your media by creating folders. Simply click the new folder icon (top left) and choose a name and color for your folder. By default, the folder color is gray. Drag and drop media into the new folder or right-click on the media and choose Move item.

Clicking the three dotson a folder will open up your folder options. From here you can:

  •  Edit name and color
  •  Move folder (into another folder to create a sub-folder)
  • Move selected items into folder
  • Show details (brings up the folder properties)
  • Delete forever 

4. Media Options
Right clicking on a media source will bring up:

> Move Item (adds the source to a new folder location)
> Download Original (to your hard drive)
> View related projects (shows all projects that use the media source)
> Preview (playback the video inside the library)
> Open original video (this will open it in the original player e.g. YouTube) 
> Copy original video link
> Delete

Pro tip: Once you select a Media source, hold down Shift on your keyboard to select multiple sources by hovering over the ones you want to include.


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